All learners must possess a valid licence to be shown to the instructor on first lesson.

All lessons must be prepaid at least one lesson in advance minimum.

48 hours notice is required for any cancellations of lessons, or 10 days notice for courses, block bookings & test, a full charge will be made for late canceled, or unattended-lessons.

Pupils Driving Tests will be given priority over lessons of coinciding times. We reserve the right to refuse at any time the use of a school car for the driving test if the instructor feels that the pupil is not ready for the driving test.

All monies paid to ALLPASS must be used up within 90 days of payment or said monies will become our property. Pupils remain liable for any monies owed to ALLPASS for lessons booked & not taken, no refunds can be given on any monies paid to us.

The pupil accepts the above school rules, by booking lessons with ALLPASS.